Projection welding of fasteners to hot stamped boron and press hardened steels.

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Fasteners projection welding to hot stamped boron steel and press hardened steel is widely used in automotive component assembly. Hot-stamped boron steels are lightweight and can offer tensile strengths of 1,500 MPa, making them desirable for use by automobile manufacturers striving for better gas mileage while maintaining 5-star crash test ratings. Furthermore, these materials typically are used to produce A, B, and C pillars; roof reinforcements; moon roofs; and drive shaft tunnels.

Capacitor discharge resistance welding releases stored energy from a capacitor bank to a concentrated weld area, with small heat affected weld zones or minimal changes in the metallurgy of the workpiece. The CD resistance welding process is ideal for projection welding of fasteners to boron aluminum silicon (AlSi) coated and uncoated hot-stamped materials.

The weld nuts and studs used in projection welding, a common joining process for the manufacture of automobile components, are considerably softer than the 1,500-MPa hot-stamped boron steel parts. This causes the projections in the fastener to collapse before a good weld can be made, resulting in vaporized projections and extended weld times as the operator tries to forge the materials.

Unsurprisingly, this type of weld process usually causes weak, inconsistent torque and pushout values.

Whether its Usibor®, aluminum coating Usibor®, materials with high boron content or other hot-stamped materials, Weld Systems Integrators has the resources and the expertise to MAKE GREAT WELDS – consistently.

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M8 nut welded to 2-mm boron | Weld Systems Integrators
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> Fasteners are extremely soft compared to the base material.

> Hot-Stamp Materials develop AlSi coating in the furnace.

> Resistive qualities of AlSi coating are inconsistent across the part.

> Short Weld Times called for in projection welding makes it difficult to deliver enough heat to the base material, often vaporizing the projections without welding.

> Consistent projection welding is difficult with most processes, and even with many Capacitor Discharge Welding machines!

FASTENER WELDING SOLUTION: Capacitor Discharge Welding from Weld Systems Integrators (WSI) is your solution.

WSI has over 10 years of proven results with tough-to-weld applications, like projection welding fasteners to Hot-stamped boron steels and AlSi-Coated parts! WSI Capacitor Discharge Welders can make good welds 100% of the time.

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